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Tactical Quick Drawing Magazine Holder CZ Bren 805 M4 Type - Paddle Fobus

Manufacturer: ESP



Product no.: 0381
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Full specifications

  • manufacturer: ESP Czech Republic;
  • high quality product for real professional.
  • original Czech police and army product;
  • very popular with the operator (contractors);
  • based on NATO STANDARD Mags.
  • fixing: Paddle by Fobus;


  • Swivelling universal self-locking holder is designated for carrying of absolute majority of metallic or plastic magazines 5/56 CZ BREN 805 arms.
  • The sophisticated design with the fixation spring enables a quick drawing of the magazine during the so-called combat re-loading. Each user can himself set the desired thrust force of the magazine with use of 3 spacers supplied with the holder. The holder is made of extremely resistant plastic and it is designated for professional use.
  • The holder will be appreciated not only by the rifleman specialise in rifle IPSC disciplines, but also by police officers and soldiers who use similar weapons at their service or contractors.
  • This type of holder is equipped with fixation clip UBC-01 which enables rapid insertion of the holder on a belt with one hand only and without necessity of unbuckling the belt. The holder can be rotated in respect to the belt by full circle of 360 degrees with 16 locking positions. This buckle is patented in Europe (EP 1604587), in the USA (US Pat.: 7.380.692) and in Russia (RU Pat.: 2352232).


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