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Professional Duty CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Premium V2 Multivariable Holster PADDLE

Manufacturer: DesignTech®



Product no.: 1096
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Full specifications


  • high quality duty holster for CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, CZ Phantom;
  • made in Czech Republic;
  • ambidextrous - easy chance to right or left handed - basic setup from factory is for right handed shooters;
  • new type of modern holsters for police or other security members;
  • paddle attachment - adjustable;
  • two types of safety - to pull the hangun, it is necessary to press both safety - show in the video below;
  • intuitive safety control;
  • durable and lightweight holster for daily wear;
  • attachment to the belt - maximum belt size 50 mm - for this holster is necessary use duty belt;
  • including english manual with settings.




Multilock - is an original patent pending system exercising the option of placing active retention members in both opposite faces of the holster body and the same time having the benefit of exchange, replacement of complete disassembly of members without negative effect on the holster function in any selected assembly. Disposition of retention members positioning facilitates intuitive and simultaneous selected retention members just when the handgun is grabbed by the control/strong hand of the use.


Roto 360 is a system enabling attachment of complementary accesories members to he holster body using fixed screw joint and utilizing adjustment of these members in the scope 360 with subsequent arresting of an assembly in a choosen posiiton.


UNI-VARI is a system using high unification of the assembly set members with the possibility if rebuilding the basic holster assembly supplied. There are options to change the right hand assembly for the left hand without any necessary for complementing the assembly set by other members needed to carry out intended change thus enabling freely selectable levels of retention in scope given by available accesories. The structural design of complementary members enables combination for widely available and required assemblies.


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