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Falco® HandMade Leather Pancake Style OWB Holster LASER/LIGHT - CZ Options

Manufacturer: Falco®



Availability: CUSTOM MADE 3-5 WEEKS
Product no.: C113 Bat
Right hander/Left hander:
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Full specifications

ORDER NOTE - TO THE ORDER NOTE PLEASE FILL YOUR LIGHT TYPE ( TLR 1S, TLR 2HL, TLR 3, TRL 4, TLR 6, TLR 7, TLR 7A, TLR 8, Crimson Trace CMR 206, Surefire X300U, Olight Valkyrie PL-1, Olight Valkyrie PL-2, Olight PL PRO Valkyrie, Olight PL-MINI, Olight PL-MINI 2, Olight Baldr Pro, Olight Baldr mini, LT-TLP28, Insight M3 LED, Klarus GL1, GTL 11, TLR 8g, TCM-550XL, TWM-850XL).

Holster to be used for your pistol with a laser or light on the gun rail. Pancake style shaping a mass of holster around the body, two belt loops making the holster stable. Thumb break for safe carry and still allowing quick draw.

The standard width of the belt clip is 1.5” 40mm, if you want size 2” 50mm please fill to the order note. 

A hand-colored, hand-shaped lacquered holster made of natural Italian leather of the highest quality. Only the best leather hides we get are used for its production. The premium variant of the holster offers the highest craftsmanship we can deliver, from tiny details of hand-coloring to the natural leathery fragrance that gets you as soon as you open your package.

  • Leather OWB holster for a wide variety of pistols and revolvers
  • With two belt loops holding holster stable and shaped to the body
  • For pistols with laser or light on the gun rail
  • With thumb break
  • Made of finest natural Italian leather
  • Design your own holster by choosing from the available options

After the process of drying the genuine leather, the hand-molded holster might naturally shrink a little. If the re-holstering appears difficult during the first wear and the fit is too high, do not worry. All you need to do is to break-in the leather. 




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