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CZ 75 P-09 / DUTY Concealed Carry Holster w/ Lock Block - BELT

Manufacturer: Dasta®



Product no.: 0304
Right hander/Left hander:
45.99 USD

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Full specifications

  • professional holster for concealed carry with auto security system;
  • durable material;
  • very popular holster;
  • maximum belt size 5 cm, we recommend service belts - webstore section Duty Equipment;
  • manufacturer: Dasta® Czech Republic.

Suitable for CZ P-09 / DUTY



Auto Security System

1. automatic locking when handgun is holstered;
2. lock posibility of the safety locking press haos;
3. safety placed outside the etui naturally reachable and easy accessible with the index finger of the shooting hand;
4. placement of the unlocking press haos excludes complicated use or unpossible function of the safety, e.g. covering by the suit;
5. the unlocking press buton cover protects safety against unvoluntary movement;
6. suitable width and anatomic haose the unlocking press buton leads the index finger of the shooting hand out off the trigger and makes possible the safe and easy manipulation with the safety even for people with short or thick fingers;
7. till three independent duty holster safety can be made off at the same time by big and index finger of the shooting hand;
8. system of independent safety makes possible to haose the level of the gun safety in the holster from one to three.




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