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CZ 75/85 SP-01 SHADOW IPSC Shooting Holster Lock Sport

Manufacturer: Dasta®



Product no.: 0233
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57.99 USD

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Full specifications

  • professional competition IPSC holster;
  • manufacturer: Dasta® Czech Republic;
  • maximum belt size: 5cm;
  • very popular holster of the Czech shooting team.


Suitable for CZ 75/85, CZ SP-01, CZ SP-01 SHADOW




The gun is automatically secured inside the holster by spring-loaded component which has arcuate shape. To holstering your weapon into the case with the trigger guard between the two vertical segments of the lock, apply pressure from the top on the grip panel and the weapon is automatically secured inside the case at the trigger guard. DLS system secures the gun against falling out. Not against unauthorized removal of the gun. Speed Holsters are designed especially for competition purposes The advantage of a Speed holster is that competitor may draw the handgun faster. All holsters model DLS are supplied with both types of belt harness – sport  and rotating.




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